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We can help you diagnose your problem, cross-reference your parts, test your parts, help assemble and disassemble your parts.  We have a large inventory of universal parts and quick turn-around on special orders.


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These are an example of the types of parts we stock and supply.  If it involves residential or commercial HVAC, we are able to reference the parts and order for you.

Hot Surface Igniters

We stock a large variety of igniters.  HSI normally form a crack in the filament when they go out.  Be very careful with them, as they are extremely fragile.  We are able to bench-test this part.
hvac dfw


There are a large variety of condenser and evaporator motors.  The best way to help find you a replacement is using the model number of the system the motor is on.  We are able to bench-test most motors.
hvac dfw

Control Boards

There are many control boards, each designed for a specific unit.  The best way to diagnose a control board as bad is to rule out every other part that it could be.  We are able to bench-test some functions of this part.
hvac dfw


We stock many different sizes of capacitor.  You will see a rating for microfarad abbreviated to uF or MDF on the capacitor.  The rating of the capacitor is directly related to the motor it is powering.  We are able to benchtest this part.

Registers & Grilles

We have a large number of supply and return grilles in stock.  The size of each is based on the hole it is attached to, not the outside dimension of the grille. If it measures 13.75″x7.75″ it is considered a 12×6.  If you need a special order, we are able to get a lot of odd sizes.


We have a large number of common filter sizes and brands in stock.  If you need a special made or special order filter, we can get normally get them quickly.


We are able to get many brands, efficiencies, and styles of ductless minisplit systems and replacement parts.

Full Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

We distribute Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, and Trane HVAC systems.  Let us know what you need, and we can have it in stock same-day.