5 Amazing No-Cost Tricks To Make An Air Conditioning Unit Be More Energy-Efficient

According to the Department Of Energy, heating and cooling make up half of the total utility expenses in a household in the United States. So it also follows that the AC unit constitutes the largest slice of the pie in terms of your monthly utility bill.

If this is the case, then is there any way for us to save money while using our aircon? And to be more specific, are there any no-cost tricks to make your air conditioning unit more efficient? If you’re interested to know more then we invite you to read further as we are going to explore this topic in today’s entry.

Routine Cleaning Around The Outdoor Condenser Unit

Believe it or not, this part of your AC system is a magnet for dirt and debris. And if we tend to ignore it, then the dirt will build up over time and thus resulting in poor performance of your AC.

So it’s very crucial to clean the outdoor unit of debris so that it will work efficiently.

Of course, basic cleaning can be done as a DIY project, but more in-depth cleaning chores should be handled by a professional.

Increase The Thermostat By A Couple Of Degrees

adjusting thermostatTypically, adjusting your AC temperature to a couple of degrees up (or more) during summer (and a couple of degrees down during winter) does have a significant effect on your monthly energy consumption. And the good thing about this is that you can program this device to change the temperature at different periods of the day or during times when you’re going outside for several hours.

Use The Vacuum To Keep Indoor Vents Unblocked

Another no-cost trick to make your air conditioning unit more efficient is to remove dust and debris from the indoor vents using a vacuum cleaning. You may not be aware of this but dust buildup impedes the airflow of your AC system. So removing these impurities will help maintain a steady airflow and allow your cooling and heating appliance to operate more effectively than the usual.

Avoid Placing Lamps And Other Heat-Producing Devices Near The Thermostat

This is also necessary so that your thermostat will function properly as the presence of any heating appliances near this device will create a false reading. In short, it will only indicate that your home needs to be cooled even more and run longer (and work harder) than it’s supposed to.

Avoid Using Your Oven And Dryer During The Hottest Time Of The Day

And finally, your air conditioning unit can be more energy-efficient just by changing the time when you are using the oven or dryer. To be specific, running these appliances will only produce warm air. And as a result, your AC system will have to work harder just to create a desirable temperature for your home.

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