The 5 Most Important Air Conditioning Components

In 1902, the first electrical air conditioning systems was invented by Willis Carrier, a well-known pioneer in the air conditioning industry. Now, the air conditioner or “air con” as colloquially called is one of household appliance that we can’t live without. Yet, most of us still wonder how it produces cooled air and eliminates the heat off from your house. If you are one of the many people who are interested to know more about the working of the air conditioner, then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to share the 5 most important AC components that make this appliance function for the production of cooled air.


The blower facilitates the air flow so that it can distribute cooled air in your household. Likewise, this part is also responsible for working with your furnace and pulls the room temperature air to the machine for re-cooling.


As previously mentioned, the air conditioning appliance takes the warm air inside the house and disperse it outside. With that being said, the compressor is also considered as one of the essential AC components since it assists in the entire cooling process of the appliance by converting gas particles in the air into liquid. Likewise, it enables the refrigerant chemical to flow continuously. The refrigerant absorbs room temperature air inside your home and sends it into the compressor through the suction line. The compressor will then squeeze the air very tightly to produce gas which then causes the molecules to increase gas’ temperature. So in other words, the compressor is the one responsible for converting the low-pressure gas into a high-pressure state. The high-pressure gas will then go into the condenser to be cooled and converted into liquid.

Condenserair conditioner parts

This is the second most important part of the air conditioning appliance as it cools down the gas, converts it into a liquid, and helps the heat to escape inside the house. The condenser can be easily recognized as it somewhat similar to a car’s radiator in terms of appearance.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve component is responsible for regulating the amount of refrigerant entering into the evaporator.


And finally, the thermostat is also considered as one of the crucial AC components since it indicates the desired level of cooled air inside a room. So basically, it’s the primary controlling mechanism of your appliance. The thermostat component also includes a sensor to notify the AC system to stop working for a while once it reaches the desired temperature and starts working again once the air temperature in the room begins to rise again.

7 Replies to “The 5 Most Important Air Conditioning Components”

  1. I could see why the blower would be one of the most important parts of it would be what pushes the cold air into your house. I would think that if they weren’t working, then the air conditioner would be pretty ineffective. I should make sure to check all these parts every once in a while to see if I need someone to come and repair them.

  2. That makes sense that the blower would be one of the most important parts of the air conditioner. If the cool air was just sitting in one place, it wouldn’t do anyone any good. I should make sure to check on my blower from time to time so I can make sure it’s in good condition so it can keep my house cool this summer.

  3. My air conditioning system has been having some issues, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to help me get the right parts. That way, I can ensure that I maintain them properly.

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